Kristin Jean Elizabeth Van-Y

I am Kristin Van-Y! I am a portrait photographer in Roseville California. I have loads of passion and a desire to capture the beauty and individuality of the world.  I feel so blessed to able to call myself a photographer, and so lucky to be doing something that I truly love. I know it is a gift to enjoy what you do and I am thankful for this gift I have been given. 

Along with being a photographer, I am also the wife of an amazing man, and the mother of two super awesome little girls. 

I am super interested in energy, vibrations, and good thoughts. I try to meditate and get to my yoga mat as much as possible and my goal is really to just feel good, be happy, and live life without guilt and with love.

I have 3 dogs and one very patient cat. I am a happy person and I am fun to be around. Overall I would say I like who I am and I am a Lucky girl. 

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