Portraits and Poetry

I have always loved poetry. I have used writing as a personal outlet since I was very young. I have kept up with my journaling and constant notebook scribbling, but I have let the poetry fall to the wayside. I am excited to start up again with poetry and further my writing by mixing it with my portraiture. I believe the writing will push me to make more meaningful photos and that the portraits will bring depth to my words.  I am very inspired by this idea and I hope it inspires others (or at least entertains!)

A Flower's Schedule

Untitled photo

The light of the morning spills into her life

and onto her skin

With a motherly touch

It lifts her chin

Within the rays

She feels safe and warm

Like a flower. she reaches

Towards the light and beyond her form

Her petals, they shimmer

As the dew from the rain 

refreshes her soul 

and keeps her sane.

She sways to evening's lullaby

as the sunset takes its bow

she settles in to a happy hush

Only darkness can allow

More images from this shoot

The images from this shoot were captured during a family portrait session I did recently. The family and their beautiful daughter were kind enough to let me use her images in this blog entry. It is interesting writing a poem inspired by someone that you do not really know, but it was really cool to draw inspiration from an image and see what comes out. I enjoyed the challenge and hope to be merging my passions for portraits and poetry more in the future, perhaps writing a short poem to be paired with an engagement shoot or senior portraits. Wish me luck! 

Fairy Dust

Untitled photo

Sprinkle her in fairy dust 

and let her fly away 

Let her soar into the sky 

and dive down through the waves

Watch her as she glistens

When she flies across the sun

She knows not where she's going 

But her journey has begun 

Warn her not of dangers,

but of greatness on her path

Remind her to think happy thoughts

So the fairy dust will last

Trust her as she free falls 

And as she tumbles to the sea

This is her time to search and find

just who she's meant to be

Sprinke her with fairy dust

but before she goes to far

Remind her that you love her

and that your with her in her heart

More Images from Taylor's Graduation Shoot

The images from this portrait session with Taylor were taken in Monterey to celebrate one of my best friend in the worlds college graduation. I am so proud of her for making it through to the other side. If there is one thing I know about her, it is that she will always end up on top and I can't wait to see where her degree takes her. I love you Taylor and I am so proud of you and happy to have you in my life! Her graduation and this sun goddess portrait of her inspired me to write this new poem. Hope you like! 

Behind her Eyes

Beneath the glimmer, within her eye

Her heart, her soul, her colors fly

while the inner workings of her mind

sprout and twist and turn, as vines

and weave into her very core

Thirsting for sun and wanting for more.

And every dream she's ever dreamt

Is hers to have or reinvent 

and every doubt thats ever crept

Inside her heart, is hers to let

slip away and disappear 

And dissipate into the air. 

Leaving room for that glimmer to grow

Lighting her way, wanting her to know

That she is the stars, the moon, and the sun

that life is meant to be easy, loving and fun

That she is eternal and she is right now

and she will shine just as brightly as she allows. 

More Images from Francesca's Portrait Photoshoot (click to see the rest)

This Editorial portrait session with Francesca was shot in Midtown Sacramento and her makeup was done by Priscilla Guiterrez at  https://www.instagram.com/prisgutierrez/

The mix of how stunning she looks and the vibrance of the city really inspired me! I am very into vibrations, energy, and the power of our subconscious. I thought this portrait photography went along perfectly with a poem about the light that inside all of us. I truly believe we have the power to be as amazing as we want to be and a little inspiration never hurts in helping us find good vibes and good feels!

Take it all In

Family Photography of Zoey Grace in a field of flowers.

Stay where you are

Take it all in

Be in this moment

Live in this skin

Love without question

Dream without end

Know that I love you 

more than you understand 

Please trust me my baby,

The earth only spins

Faster and faster

So take it all in

More Images from Zoey's Portrait Photoshoot (click to see the rest)

This was a sentimental session for me. This is my own little girl and the goal of the photos was to announce that she is going to be a big sister. In taking these pictures and seeing her look so beautiful, it just dawned on me that time is flying. My little baby is now my little girl and she soon will not be the only baby I have. Looking at her and in looking at these portraits, I am filled with hope and love and dreams for her future. I hope she is always as sweet and kind and full of wonder as she is now. I feel like this image really captures a moment of innocence that I long for her to hold onto.

As the Sun Sets

When the sun sets

And the light grows thin

The rays that remain

Fall softly on her skin

She lies still and content

As the world moves around

In the breeze she is lost

In the breeze she is found

More Images from Jordan's Portrait Photoshoot (click to see the rest)

This was a really fun portrait shoot with Jordan in Loomis. We searched around until we found this beautiful light. I played around in photoshop and tried some new techniques. My goal was to create a peaceful and tranquil look. This is the first of many blog entries where I am going to blend poetry and photography. Please stay tuned! 

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